Project Description Last Modified
Cosmoglotta E-book version of the "Cosmoglotta" magazine, series A and B, 1927/1950. 50.9 days
Diccionario español-interlingüe Spanish-Interlingue dictionary based on a list of more than 40 000 words and expressions. In EPUB, DICT, PDF and other e-book and data formats. 43.9 days
English-Interlingue Dictionary E-book and DICT versions of "English-Interlingue Dictionary" by Charles Kemp and F.R. Pope, 1958. 45.2 days
Grammatica de Interlingue in Interlingue E-book version of "Grammatica de Interlingue in Interlingue", by Dr. Fritz Hass, 1956. 25.2 days
Interlingue Course in 10 Lessons E-book version of A.Z. Ramstedt's Okzidental-Kursus in 10 Lektionen (1929), translated and updated by Dave MacLeod, 2018/2019. 57.9 days
Krasina E-book version of «Krasina», by Jan A. Kajš, 1938.  78.1 days
Li defectes ínacceptabil de Interlingua Gode E-book version of "Li defectes ínacceptabil de Interlingua Gode", by Dr. Fritz Haas, 1957. 57.9 days